Monthly Managed WordPress

From: $80.00 / month

Summary of Information

$80/mo X 12

$900 a year (paid annually)

  • Automatic updates and regular performance checks using high quality development tools for monitoring, 
  • Periodic performance reports to let you know how your website is doing 
  • Monthly automatic backups (daily or weekly optional)
  • Website Caching and Image Optimization for faster load times on the user end 
  • Security, Spam, and Malware Defense Setup and monitoring
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring 
  • Regular and on-going technical service support
  • Time beyond the monthly contract to be billed at our normal rate of $80 per hour support or for VA
  • Emergency calls are at our rate of $120 an hour for VA

More Information About Our Monthly Managed WordPress

1 hour of managed wordpress monthly