ASA Member Monthly Managed WordPress

From: $120.00 / month

Summary of Information
  • Regular Updates and Performance Checks
  • Site Caching and Image Optimization for faster load times on the user end
  • Security, Spam, and Malware Defense
  • Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Automatic Backups
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Periodic performance reports to let you know how your website is doing
  • Support Ticket System & Regular and On-going Technical Support
  • Virtual Assistance / Content Management

Choose your payment frequency:

option one: $120 per month
option two: $1250 per year (a savings of $190 if paid annually!)

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More Information About Our Monthly Managed WordPress

Our monthly service contract for maintenance comes with managed wordpress performance and security checks to ensure your website is constantly up to date, functioning properly, and secure.

You will have access to our dedicated team, and everyone on the project will have access to our centralized hub where important communications and files related to your websites will be stored.

Our maintenance plan offers the following:

Regular Updates and Performance Checks

We monitor your website with regular performance checks, and make sure that your WordPress website and plugins are up to date. This allows us to make sure that all integral functions and integrations between plugins, platforms, and other websites in the ASA Association are always operating properly, and decreases security vulnerabilities found in outdated plugins and performance. If and when we notice an error we can address it quickly and get the site back to normal.

Website Caching and Image Optimization for faster load times on the user end

We set up your website with a set of excellent admin tools for caching, image compression, and periodic sweeps of the database, to increase site performance and speed for users on the front end. You’ll see your site go from a low to high score on performance reports just by utilizing these tools alone. And your users will have an easier time moving around with the increased site speeds!

Security, Spam, and Malware Defense

We regularly check in on your website’s security and malware defense to make sure it stays guarded. If we see security vulnerabilities we will make suggestions and improvements right away to keep your site safe from malware and hacking.

Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Automatic Backups

We provide a backup tool for your website to keep daily, weekly, or monthly automatic backups so you don’t have to worry if your site goes down and we need to retrieve your information. By default we set auto backups to run weekly and retain the 2 latest backup files, which are stored to the cPanel of the website. You have the option to change the frequency of the backups as well as the location they are stored. Additionally, we also create manual backups before and after every update we do on the website and retain those off-site for up to two months.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Your site is connected to our site monitoring tool to monitor uptime and lets us know right away if your site goes down allowing us to get it back up for you sooner.

Periodic performance reports to let you know how your website is doing

We run periodic performance reports to give us more stats about how the website is performing for its users who visit. We offer the option to receive these reports yourself as well included in the service contract, which you can receive in your email.

Support Ticket System & Regular and On-going Technical Service Support

We are available for ongoing technical support for questions that may arise, and are on call to take care of function issues that are webmasters are not able to manage themselves. We also offer a support ticketing system through our website platform, where each state is provided a login to access the Dashboard. Here you can submit tickets for questions and troubleshooting quick fixes, as well as requests for larger website changes that may require additional conversation. Quick fixes will typically receive a 24 to 72 hours turnaround unless there are extenuating circumstances. Larger and more serious projects or issues may require a longer turnaround time.

Virtual Assistance / Content Management

We offer on-call assistance with content updates including text changes, adding events, products, and newsletter/blog posts, and more.

Our monthly service contract includes 1.5 hours of managed WordPress maintenance and support.

The time that exceeds this will be billed at our hourly rate for website development, virtual assistance, and maintenance at $80 /hr, and will be billed separately at the end of that month. Emergency calls are at our rate of $120 an hour for support or for Virtual Assistance with a 24-hour deadline.

We are available by appointment for virtual assistance and technical support during normal business hours, between 9:00 am eastern and 7:00 pm eastern by phone or email, in addition to our Support Dashboard.