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    I have known David for 25+years and recently hired him to completely revamp my terribly outdated website. David helped me understand what “modern” websites are all about, how to transfer the information I already had into the new form, and how to add the new juice that would bring in the clients. At the start, when I was overwhelmed about the process, he helped me create a structure that enabled me to fill in all the details. I really had no idea how many bits were required when we started, but the structure enabled me to make steady progress on the easier parts while continuing to chip away at the more challenging parts. David’s keen design sense, great sense of humor, and patience with the process makes him a real pleasure to work with. THANK YOU David for helping reshape the way I and others see my business.

    Markey Read

    Macdragon delivers! David took on my project knowing that I had an insane timeline and had just been through two(!) unsuccessful redesigns of my website. Bottomline, he came up with a great design after only a couple conversations and created a site that makes sense while looking good. He knows his stuff, yet he does not bring his ego into the process-a welcome change from my past experiences. He is thoughtful and takes the time to get to know you and your business.

    As I mentioned, I came to him wanting a complete site on very short notice; however, I never felt he rushed the process. He has got terrific ideas not just about websites but with regard to marketing too. I can’t wait for us to work together again. I am so proud to direct people to my site now.

    Thank you, David.

    Kristan Browne

    David Brizendine is a great web designer and marketing coach. After searching for a local designer in my area but coming up short with someone who could combine sensitivity and expertise, I finally found David. He is patient, kind, and compassionate with the whole process of creating a new website. He gave me a lot of creative space but also guided me when I needed it most.

    I am a novice at technical details and David always walks me through explanations in a nonjudgmental and easy to understand way. I love my new website and continue to work with him on taking my business to the next level. David is a man of integrity, knowledge, and humility. I am grateful to have found him!

    Amiel Landor

    Persistent pays! David Brizendine rocked my world. sten of STEN † LEX showed me how to tile photos in photoshop but alas, the lesson was lost on me. david “the man” brizendine figured out how to do it and broke it down in terms even i can understand. Thank you David!!

    Chip Thomas MD
    The Painted Desert Project 

    David has been great to work with – incredibly responsive (always returned calls right away) and equally intuitive (totally “got” what I was looking for in a new website – which was great, because I can’t speak tech-design speak!) I am thrilled with the way my new site looks and feels and I look forward to learning how to update it myself! Thanks, David!

    Mary Catherine Jones

    David has helped keep Lisaius Marketing’s computers and systems running well for many years. He keeps current on new technology and software, understands all aspects of our systems and is great at teaching others how to best use their computers.
    Most of all, he’s a really good guy and a pleasure to work with.

    Joe Lisaius
    President/ Creative Director
    Lisaius Marketing

    I highly recommend David for any and all of your Mac needs.
    I’ve had a handful of crises in the past regarding back-up, networking and plain old troubleshooting and David has come through every single time. His knowledge is thorough and he always gets back to me in a timely manner. I am a small business owner and use my Mac in all aspects of the business – I feel totally supported by David’s professionalism and expertise. Feel free to call me with any questions.

    Jenny Keppel
    JK Jewelry Shelburne, VT

    Want to know the definition of a true earth warrior? David Brizendine.
    A man who knows what it takes to get the job done.

    Shyla Nelson
    The Good Earth Singers

    David is a great teacher. He is able to break down complex subjects into logical and easily understandable modules. With his strong technical background, David can explain each concept in a simple, straightforward manner. David taught me more about using my iPhone in two hours than I learned in a week of reading the Users Guide.

    John Butterfield, PE, LEED® AP
    New iPhone User
    Vice President