How to Create and Edit Posts

Posts publish onto your blog page. Posts show up in the order that they were added, with the newest at the top.


1. Follow login link provided to you by David.
(This will usually be your website plus /wp-admin on the end. Example: )

2. Log in with the username and password you created with David.

3. Now you will be on the Dashboard in the back end of your site. The word “Dashboard” will be highlighted in the top left hand corner of your screen. This is where you manage all edits for your website.

4. Click on “Posts” in the left hand menu. Or scroll over “Posts” and click “Add New”

5. Now you see a screen where you can put in the title and content for your post. Add your content.

6. Once you have added a title and the text, images, other media and formatting you desire using the tool bars and the “visual” or “Text” (code) editor tabs, you can make the page live on your site by pressing the “Publish” button in the right hand sidebar. If you do not wish to publish the page, or make it live on your site yet, then you can save it by pressing the “Save Draft” button in the same sidebar.

EDIT A POST: (New or Pre-Existing)

1. Go to your site’s WordPress site’s Dasboard.

2. In the Left Hand menu, put your mouse over Posts and click All Posts in the drop-down menu.

3. Find the post you wish to edit in the list of all your posts. If you have many posts, keep in mind that it may be on another page, scroll down to the bottom of the list and use the arrows to look at the next pages of posts. Or search your post title or keyword in the search box at the top.

4. Once you find the post name that you wish to edit, mouse over the title of the post and you will see menu options appear below. Click Edit.

5. Here you can access the URL link for your post, change the name, and content and format of the post.

6. On the right top of the box where you will enter your content, you will see tabs that say visual or text. Text will show you the HTML code of your post. You can edit code there. If you do not wish to work with the code, you can use the Visual tab for the visual editor.

7. Type or cut and paste your text into the box beneath the editing tool bar.

8. Use the icons in the editing tool bar to edit and format your text. Mouse over the icons for a pop up of their function.

9. Add images. Click the Add Media button to access your media library. This is how you will add photos, images and videos to your post. (To add items to your media library: Go to Media in the left hand menu. Mouse over menu and click Add New in the drop-down. Either Drag and Drop your files into the box on that page or click the select files to browse your hard drive for the items you wish to add. To embed a video from, you will need to get the embed code and then put it into the text tab of your post).

10. Create links. To create hyperlinks to other pages in your site or anywhere on the web, highlight the text you wish to link from, such as, “Click Here” Then go to the icon of a chain link in your editing toolbar. The pop-up will say insert/edit link. When you click that icon a box pops up. Paste the link you wish to lead to in the URL box. If you want it to open in the same tab/window leave it as is and click Add Link. If you wish it to open in a new tab/window, click the box that says “Open link in a new tab”. For quick linking to content on your site, you can select from the scrolling box below.

11. To see the edits you have made as they will appear on your site: go do the right hand side bars, and in the box labled Publish, click Preview. There you can check how your post looks before you save your changes.

12. To save your edits, hit the Update button, also in the Publish box.

TIP: It’s a good idea to create your blog text in a separate document so that you have a back up. From there, you can cut and paste it into your post.