How to Add and Edit Images

Images are an important part of pages and posts. They add visual interest and color. They also help to break up text, making it easier to read.

To add images to pages and posts, you will first need to have them in your website’s media library.

To add images to your media library:

1. Go to Media in the left hand menu.

2. Mouse over Media menu and click Add New in the drop-down.

3. Either Drag and Drop your files into the box on that page or click the select files by browsing your hard drive for the items you wish to add. (To embed a video from, you will need to get the embed code and then put it into the text tab of your post. See Adding/Embeding a Video [Link])

4. Once you’ve got items in your media library, go to the page or post where you want to add images.

To Add Images To a Page or Post:

1. Once on the page or post where you are adding images, put the cursor where you’d like to insert your image. Then click the “Add Media” button.

2. Now you see a window with your media images, click on the photo you’d like to insert and it will be highlighted.

3. You can also edit the image by rotating, cropping, changing its size and alignment on the page, and adding SEO details such as a title in the right hand menu in the media library when you have selected the image.

4. After making any edits and adding details, click the button that says “Insert Into Post”

5. Now that your image is on your post or page, you can still edit this image by clicking on it and using the toolbar that shows up to change alignment, size, etc.