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What is the best use of your time?  Managing your website’s infrastructure might be the last thing you need to be paying attention to.

We can do that for you.

We support growing and established mission driven businesses in getting the most from their technology and marketing investment, and are dedicated to helping you reach your full potential.

Using your brand and personality to communicate effectively with your customers and target market, we design and build new and custom e-commerce, subscription, and educational websites with efficient and optimized site management.

We work with businesses who have integrity and heart, and are passionate about making a real difference in the world, caring about what you do and who you serve.

We would love to partner with you to create or maintain your existing online presence and support you through partnership and education.

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Dynamic & Professional Custom Designs

Site Management & Virtual Assistance

E-Commerce & Subscription Setup

ADA Compliance & SEO Optimization


We’ve been designing for over 20 years. And we’re here for you.

We are confident we can provide you with the best quality website care with our services.

Satisfied Customers

Macdragon has been invaluable in teaching and guiding in bringing my business from a dream to where I am now supporting myself exclusively with my web based business.

I can’t say enough about David’s understanding, technical knowledge, and ability to bring these complex issues to a place where I am able to manage day to day maintenance of my blog and website.

Thank you David.

Laurie Farrington


Thanks for all your hard work and putting up with me. I’m sure I’ll need your guidance in the future. You’re definitely smarter than your average bear and I can safely say you ain’t as dumb as you look. Har! Har!

David took the time to walk me slowly into the realm of websites and he was leading a bind man. He is the wizard of websites, and knows how to connect with people in ways that are understood. He’s upfront and honest and will work within your budget. He does his homework and stays on top of things. I know that as I delve deeper into my business and need advice or guidance, David will always be there to assist me and straighten me out and back onto the trail.

Bill Torrey

Bill Torrey Storyteller

I’ve worked with David for 5 years as he has helped me develop, troubleshoot and improve my website. David is conscientious, thorough and willing to put in time, even in the evenings and weekends, to get the website finished or fixed. His uses his experience to fix problems as they arise, but is also willing to put in the time to research problems he hasn’t encountered before. One particular trait I like about working with David is that he is willing to teach me how to do some of the things he would normally do on the site. This gives me the confidence and experience to be in charge on my own site even though it may be taking work away from him. He wants me to succeed and is willing to go the extra mile to see that the site and my business is set up to do just that.

Charlie Nardozzi

Gardening with Charlie


Beautifully Built Dynamic & Custom Website Designs, Virtual Assistance & More…

All Designs Include

  • Fully responsive unique custom designs
  • Newsletter / Blog
  • Font and color scheme selections
  • Stock and custom photo selections
  • Contact and Newsletter sign-up forms
  • Social Media linked
  • SMTP Setup and Mail Logging
  • Site speed tuning for fast content load deliverability
  • Out of the box WordPress security
  • Google Analytics and Search Console connected with Search Engine and  sitemap submission
  • Yoast SEO Tool Setup
  • Monthly or Weekly Automatic Backups
  • Outline and checklist of building process end to end
  • Personalized communications
  • 1-Hour tour of your website
  • Dedicated Team of designers and developers
  • Support Ticketing


  • WooCommerce Shop
  • Integrated WooCommerce Portfolio and Gallery
  • Online Workshop and Course Management
  • Membership Subscription Management
  • Event Bookings and Management
  • Social Media Integrations with Shop
  • Donations Management
  • On Site Google Reviews or Testimonials
  • Daily Backups
  • Premium Fonts from Adobe Typekit
  • FontAwesome Iconset
  • Advanced website security

Additional Services

  • Custom Graphic Design
  • On-Going Virtual Assistance
  • Standard and Advanced Managed WordPress Agreements
  • Advanced SEO Setup and Management
  • WCAG 2.1AA ADA Compliance
  • Advanced Analytics and Marketing with Google Business and AdSense
  • Training and Tutorial Assistance Agreements


Our websites start at $4,500 and can range up to $8,000 or more. We guarantee that you’ll get a beautiful, sleek, modern, and responsive design that you love. 

Hosting & Managed WordPress

Take Advantage of Our Managed WordPress
& Custom Hosting Packages

Hosting Services

  • 10 GB VPS Hosting
  • Scalable Bandwidth and Memory
  • cPanel and FTP Login
  • 5 E-mail Accounts
  • Unlimited E-mail Forwarding
  • 5 Subdomains
  • Unlimited Add-on Domains
  • Domain Forwarding
  • DV SSL Certificate – FREE!
  • Server Security Features

Need to customize your specifications?
We can do that for you!

Standard WordPress Management

  • DV SSL Certificate
  • DNS Setup
  • Caching & Super-speedy loading of cached content
  • Regular infrastructure tuning for optimal performance
  • Daily backups
  • WordPress updates
  • WordPress security updates
  • WordPress plugin updates
  • 24/7 Site Uptime monitoring
  • Content Delivery Network & Firewall
  • Advanced Website Security

Advanced WordPress Management

  • EV SSL Certificate
  • DNS Setup
  • Static Asset Caching & Super-speedy loading of cached content
  • Regular infrastructure tuning for optimal performance
  • Load Balancing
  • Daily backups
  • WordPress updates
  • WordPress security updates
  • WordPress plugin updates
  • Advanced Content Delivery Network + Firewall
  • 24/7 Site Uptime monitoring
  • Advanced Website and Server Security
  • Email Security
  • SMTP server, including SPF/DKIM/DMARC for SPAM avoidance in site-sent emails