Your Custom WordPress Theme

  • Centralized hub of communication for managing your online and social presence
  • Custom-designed small business and e-commerce solutions
  • Scalable solutions are built in to your site, and allow you to expand its size and capabilities easily
  • Personalized service—it’s you and me talking about your business dreams and how to bring them to reality
  • Consistent branding that gives your entire business and online appearance a cohesive look
  • Vehicle of expression—your site, done in a professional way, and that expresses your unique gifts to the world

MacDragon supports small and growing businesses in getting the most from their technology and marketing investment.

We design and build new and custom WordPress websites, using the brand and personality of your business to communicate effectively with your customers and target market.

We also partner with you to create or update your existing online presence, and support you through partnership and education. We can also consult with you on your online marketing, connecting your site to an email service, and to social media. Ask us about managing your online presence for you.

Our perfect clients are small business owners, sole proprietors, and heart-centered entrepreneurs that have a gift, passion, and vision they want to communicate to the world and their communities. They need help with their online presence. We work to develop responsive sites that showcase their talents, and connect them to an eager audience.

We help you simplify the process of getting important information in front of your clientele. We use WordPress as a base platform to create a hub of communication that is managed simply, easily, and tracks effectively throughout the course of year.

Our expertise is in crafting the proper configuration of your WordPress site, including plug-ins and third-party software required for e-commerce, and to simplify communications to a large group of people.

Call or email today so we can begin to develop an online solution and your business that will prosper for years to come!

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